Persons With Mental Retardation and Related Conditions in Mental Retardation Facilities: Selected Findings from the 1987 National Medical Expenditure Survey. Organization of Analyses and Tables


In these analyses of the "mental retardation facilities" in the Institutional Population Component of NMES, three basic facility groupings are used. They are: (1) facility operation (private for profit, private nonproft and government operated, with size breakdowns of 15 and fewer residents/16 or more residents within each type of operation); (2) ICF-MR certification (ICF-MR certified or not ICF-MR certified, with size breakdowns of 15 or fewer residents/16 or more residents within each group); and (3) facility size (breakdowns of facilities by "set up bed" categories of 3-6, 7-15, 16-75, 76-299, 300-799, and 800+). Number of set up beds was used as the indicator of size because specific facility resident population data were not made available in the NMES public use data tape. Again it is noted that all "facilities" of under 3 residents were excluded from the NMES survey.

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