Performance Measures in MLTSS Programs: Research Brief. Process Measures


Process measures tend to focus on the timelines of key MCO activities such as service plan development, reporting and responding to critical incidents, and frequency of required care coordinator contacts with members. Process measures also address the delivery of services in the service plan -- did the member receive their services?

The following are some examples of the measures that states use to assess MCO and provider processes:

  • Percent of timely screenings, assessments, and reassessments (based on state standard).

  • Percent of service plans developed/initiated in a timely manner (based on state standard).

  • Percent of members receiving participant-directed services within X days (state standard) from referral to the provider.

  • Percent of members receiving timely care coordination contacts.

  • Percent of complaints/grievances received and resolved.

  • Percent of members diagnosed with diabetes who received diabetes management services.

  • Percent of provider late/missed visits by service type.

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