Performance Improvement 2013-2014. What Were the Final Results from the Evaluation of the Center for Employment Opportunities Transitional Jobs Program?


The Center for Employment Opportunities was one of four sites in the Enhanced Services for the Hard-to-Employ Demonstration and Evaluation Project. The Center is a comprehensive employment program for former prisoners – a population confronting many obstacles to finding and maintaining work. The Center provides temporary, paid jobs and other services in an effort to improve participants' labor market prospects and reduce the odds that they will return to prison.

This study found that the Center for Employment Opportunities program substantially increased employment early in the follow-up period but the effects faded over time. The program significantly reduced recidivism, with the most promising impacts occurring among a subgroup of former prisoners who enrolled shortly after release from prison. This was the group that the program was designed to serve. The study showed that the program's financial benefits outweighed its cost under a wide range of assumptions.

Report Title: More Than A Job: Final Results From the Evaluation of the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) Transitional Jobs Program,
Agency Sponsor: ACF-OPRE, Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation
Federal Contact: Girley Wright, 202-401-5070
Performer: MDRC
Record ID: 9847 (February 13, 2012)

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