Performance Improvement 2013-2014. What Is Known About the Children's Health Insurance Program as of Federal Fiscal Year 2010?


A project was initiated to evaluate national Children's Health Insurance (CHIP) data and conduct case-studies in 10 states. The study also examined the Medicaid program in three of the selected states, how state CHIP programs have developed over time, the influence of key design features on the enrollment and health care experiences of eligible children, and current program and policy issues.

CHIP and Medicaid have contributed to reducing the number and percentage of children without insurance; the rate of growth is influenced by economic conditions, increasing more during economic downturns. CHIP programs are diverse, and program design choices continue to evolve. The quality of care received by children in Medicaid and CHIP is improving and compares favorably to care received in private plans, but further improvements can be made.

Report Title: Interim Report to Congress: Children's Health Insurance Program: An Evaluation (1997 – 2010)
Agency Sponsor: OASPE, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation
Federal Contact: Rose Chu, 202-401-6119
Performer: Mathematica Policy Research
Record ID: 9639 (September 1, 2013)

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