Performance Improvement 2013-2014. To What Extent has HRSA's Poison Help Campaign Increased Awareness and Knowledge of the Poison Help Number, Poison Centers, and Poison Center Services?


The Poison Help General Population Survey was designed to assess the campaign's effects among 2,000 households in the United States. The 10-minute telephone survey was conducted with an adult household member and addressed topics related to the types of individuals or organizations they would contact (e.g., poison center, 911, family member) to seek treatment advice for a possible or definite poisoning or to obtain poison prevention information. The Poison Help General Population Survey utilized a full dual frame sample design, which combined cell phone and random digit dial sample design methodologies. The survey used computer-assisted telephone interviewing technology.

Among the findings, unaided awareness of the Campaign was moderate at 46 percent. Non-Hispanic Whites were more likely than those of other races and ethnicities to be aware of the Campaign (50 percent unaided awareness). Persons aged 25 to 44 (54 percent), those with household incomes ranging from $25,001 to $50,000 (57 percent), and those with children under 18 in the household (54 percent) were also more likely to be aware of poison centers compared to other subgroups. Seventy percent of respondents were aware that calls to a PCC are free, and that services are available for callers who did not speak English. Nearly three in four (74 percent) knew that PCCs operate 24 hours every day. The Poison Help General Population Survey provided HRSA with necessary feedback to evaluate the campaign's efforts to promote widespread adoption of the toll-free number, and awareness and knowledge of poison centers and the services they provide. Survey results helped to determine whether campaign messages are salient among target audiences and provided insight into how media and community education outreach efforts should be tailored for future campaign activities. Data were shared with the Nation's poison control centers to ensure consistent messaging.

Report Title: Poison Help Campaign General Population Study
Agency Sponsor: HRSA, Health Resources and Services Administration
Federal Contact: Elisa Gladstone, 301-594-4394
Performer: StrategyOne, Inc
Record ID: 10192 (March 20, 2012)

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