Performance Improvement 2013-2014. What is the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's Bundled Payment System; How is it Implemented; and What are the Clinical, Data Quality, and Financial Impacts of the Bundled Payment System on Breast and Cervical Cancer?


Colorado's National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (NBCCEDP) implemented a bundled payment system (BPS) to improve data quality and quality of care for women served through its program

The project found that: 1) Implementation of BPS significantly improved completeness and timeliness of breast cancer diagnostics in Colorado. 2) Timeliness of cervical diagnostic and treatment services had been steadily improving over the analytical period. Implementing bundled payments was not clearly associated with timely cervical cancer diagnostics or treatment, which is likely due to smaller abnormal and incidence rates for cervical cancer than for breast cancer. 3) The rate of benign breast biopsies remains the same over the analytic period after controlling for site and client characteristics. Implementation of BPS did not alter the rate of benign biopsy. It appears that the bundled payment model does not promote providers to perform unnecessary procedures. 4) BPS covered more of the cost of services for all levels up to B3 and C3 than WWC's previous prospective payment did, indicating that bundled reimbursement more accurately reflects the true cost of services, and 5) BPS reimburses provider agencies for services at levels sim­ilar to the prospective capitated model.

Report Title: Evaluation of Colorado's Women's Wellness Connection's Bundled Payment System for the NBCCEDP
Agency Sponsor: CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Federal Contact: Thomas Chapel, 404-639-2116
Performer: ICF International
Record ID: 10200 (March 30, 2013)

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