Performance Improvement 2013-2014. What are the Eligibility Criteria for Immigrant Families under Major Federal/State Health and Human Service Programs, and what are the Major Barriers and Promising Practices that can affect Access?


Researchers investigated and provided information four areas of interest:

·         an overview of the variability across States regarding immigrant eligibility for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Medicaid, and the Children's Health Insurance Plan;

·         highlights of the the demographic, socioeconomic, and geographic characteristics and uninsured rates for key immigrant subgroups and how the Affordable Care Act could affect coverage and access to care for these subgroups and their families;

·         factors that contribute to lower application and take-up rates among eligible immigrants; and

·         practices that can help overcome access barriers.

A consistent theme is the crucial role played by community-based organizations in effectively addressing barriers related to complicated application processes, and issues of language, literacy, fear, and mistrust. All four states visited had established partnerships with local organizations to help reach immigrant populations in need of health and human services.

Report Titles:

·         Overview of Immigrants' Eligibility for SNAP, TANF, Medicaid, and CHIP,

Record ID: 10093 (March 5, 2012)

·         The Affordable Care Act: Coverage Implications and Issues for Immigrant Families,

Record ID: 10094 (April 9, 2012)

·         Barriers To Immigrants' Access To Health and Human Services Programs,

Record ID: 10095 (May 7, 2012)

·         Promising Practices for, Increasing Immigrants' Access To Health and Human Services,
Record ID: 10096 (May 7, 2012)

Agency Sponsor: OASPE, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation
Federal Contact: David Nielsen, 206-615-2612
Performer: The Urban Institute

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