Performance Improvement 2013-2014. How Effective are Non-residential Domestic Violence Services at Meeting the Needs of Victims?


The study examined the experiences of recipients of domestic violence program support services. Little research has been done with survivors of domestic violence who use non-residential services and supports. This study provided information about the types of services desired by survivors; the extent to which they obtain those services; and their overall satisfaction with services. The study measured outcomes associated with longer-term improved safety (less violence) and well-being in experimental, longitudinal studies.

Domestic violence programs facilitated positive outcomes for survivors of domestic violence. After seeking and receiving help, 95 percent of survivors were more knowledgeable about planning for their safety and more hopeful about the future. These short term indicators have been linked to long term safety and well-being outcomes in longitudinal research. Survivors found services and supports helpful. More than three out of four of the nearly 1,500 domestic violence survivors who used support groups, counseling, supportive services and legal advocacy found these services to be “very helpful.” The majority of other survivors using these  services found them to be “helpful.” The state of the economy continues to have a negative effect on survivors. Forty-five percent of the survivors reported experiencing financial difficulties, many unable to pay their bills. Survivors who are mothers identified a number of child-related needs. Help with counseling for their children was the number-one child-related need for mothers.

Report Title: Meeting Survivors' Needs Through Non-Residential Services and Supports: Results of A Multi-State Study
Agency Sponsor: ACF-ACYF, Administration on Children, Youth and Families
Federal Contact: Rebecca Odor, (202) 205-7746
Performer: University of Connecticut School of Social Work; West Hartford, CT; National Resource Center on Domestic Violence; Harrisburg, PA
Record ID: 9298 (October 10, 2011)

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