Performance Improvement 2013-2014. Do Health Center Patients Experience Racial/Ethnic or Insurance Status Disparities Related to Oral Health Care Access?


Researchers examined factors associated with access to dental care at health centers, unmet need, and patient experience.

The study found no racial or ethnic disparities in access to timely oral health care among health center patients; however, uninsured patients and those whose insurance does not provide dental coverage experienced restricted access and greater unmet need. Slightly more than half of health center patients had a dental visit in the past year, but 1 in 7 reported that their most recent visit was at least 5 years ago. Among health center patients who accessed dental care at their health center, satisfaction was high.

Report Title: Access To Oral Health Care: the Role of Federally Qualified Health Centers in Addressing Disparities and Expanding Access
Agency Sponsor: HRSA, Health Resources and Services Administration
Federal Contact: Hyewon Lee, 301-443-6770
Performer: Leiyu Shi, DrPH, MBA
Record ID: 10202 (January 22, 2013)

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