Performance Improvement 2013-2014. Do Grantees Implement the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program With Fidelity and Provide a High Quality, Sustainable Program For Older Americans?


The Chronic Disease Self Management Program (CDSMP) teaches consumers skills to manage their conditions and build self-confidence so they can be successful in adopting healthy behaviors, improving communications with their physician, and enhancing their quality of life. The evaluation provided information about characteristics of State grantees, Chronic Disease Self-Management Program participants, program implementation, participant completion rates, site-level data collection, program sustainability, and recommendations for program improvements.

State grantees reported success working with a wide range of public and private partner organizations and groups, including local coalitions and collaboratives, state and local agencies and organizations, and employers. Partnerships have enabled access to special populations (e.g., cultural/ethnic minorities, inmates, individuals with specific diseases or conditions), expanded program referrals, and enhanced the resource base available to grantees and their host and implementation sites. Partners may refer consumers to community-based workshops or hold their own licenses and convene their own workshops. Partners play an important role in diversifying resources for and sustaining CDSMP programs outside direct federal funding streams.

Report Title: Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) Process Evaluation - REPORT - APPENDICES
Agency Sponsor: ACL, Administration for Community Living
Federal Contact: Susan Jenkins, 202-357-3591
Performer: IMPAQ International, LLC
Record ID: 9545 (June 29, 2013)

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