Performance Improvement 2013-2014. Do Clinics for Family Planning and Sexually Transmitted Disease Impact Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevalence?


The study assessed sexually-transmitted disease (STD) and family planning (FP) clinics impact on STD surveillance and control.

Counties with STD or FP clinics were associated with at least 8 percent increase in the transformed chlamydia and gonorrhea rates, 20 percent increase in transformed syphilis rates in 2000, and at least 6 percent increase in transformed gonorrhea and chlamydia rates in 2007. From 2000 to 2007, the transformed incidence rates of chlamydia declined by 8 percent for gonorrhea, and 8 percent for primary and secondary syphilis for the counties that had at least 1 STD or FP clinic. The results from this ecological study are associations and do not establish a causal relationship between having an STD/FP clinic and improved STD detection and control. Finer level analyses (such as census block or cities) may be able to provide more detailed information.

 Report Title: County-Level STD Surveillance and Control: Do STD and Family Planning Clinics Matter
Agency Sponsor: CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Federal Contact: Thomas Chapel, 404-639-2116
Performer: DSTDP/HSREB
Record ID: 9596 (December 31, 2012)

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