Performance Improvement 2011-2012. What Is The Status Of Health Disparities, and What Community Based Interventions Are Effective In Eliminating Health Disparities In Minority Communities?


Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH US) is a community-based multilevel program that approaches the elimination of racial and ethnic health disparities. REACH U.S. Risk Factor Survey is a program evaluation done through an annual survey in 28 minority communities. Within each community, a total of 900 residents are surveyed each year. Individuals are persons over the age of 18 who are within the race and ethnic group (i.e., African American, Hispanic, American Indian, and Asian/Native Hawaii/Pacific Islander) targeted by the specific REACH community. The survey focuses on the following areas: health-related quality of life, access to health care, diabetes screenings and treatment, physical activity, consumption of fruits and vegetables, cigarette smoking, hypertension and cholesterol screening and treatment, knowledge of the signs and symptoms of heart attack and stroke, mammography and cervical cancer screening, and influenza and pneumonia vaccinations.

Data from the REACH Risk Factor Survey showed that the REACH U.S. program helped people to significantly reduce their health risks and manage their chronic diseases. Over a 4-year period, the cholesterol screening rates for Hispanics living in REACH communities increased steadily, from 56.3% in 2002 to 68.6% in 2006. In 2002, the cholesterol screening rate for African Americans living in REACH communities (74.2%) was below the national average (76.2%). By 2006, the rate had risen to 78.8%, which was above the national average of 75.2% for that year. In REACH communities that focused on breast and cervical cancer prevention, the percentage of women who reported having a Pap smear in the previous year increased from 81% in 2002 to 86% in 2006. The rate of cigarette smoking among Asian American men in REACH communities decreased from 42% in 2002 to 20% in 2006.

Report Title: REACH U.S. Risk Factor Survey

Agency Sponsor: CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Federal Contact: Youlian Liao, 770-488-5229

Performer: National Opinion Research Corporation
Record ID: 9403 (Report issued September 30, 2010)

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