Performance Improvement 2011-2012. What Is Known About Home-Based Child Care?


Researchers summarized what is known about home-based child care, identified gaps in the research, and identified promising approaches for further exploration.

Family support and home visiting initiatives that aim to improve outcomes for parents and children may have potential for supporting quality in home-based care, because home-based child care shares some characteristics with care within the family. Studies show modest effects on a range of parent and child outcomes. They indicated that family support programs were effective in promoting children's cognitive development and school outcomes only if they supplement services to support parents with services provided directly to children, such as center-based preschool.

Report Title: A Review of the Literature on Home-Based Child Care: Implications for Future Directions
Agency Sponsor: ACF-OPRE, Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation
Federal Contact: T'Pring Westbrook, 202-401-5660
Performer: Mathematica Policy Research
Record ID: 9838 (Report completed August 15, 2010)

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