Performance Improvement 2011-2012. What Are the Reemployment Strategies In Retention and Advancement Programs For Current and Former Welfare Recipients?


Researchers examined strategies used in the Employment Retention and Advancement (ERA) project to reemploy program participants who quickly lost jobs.

Employment programs seeking to improve retention and support advancement among workers should be prepared to address job loss quickly. These programs need to help newly unemployed workers learn from their experience. They should also focus on placing individuals into better jobs that – besides providing higher wages – match their skills, interests, and education, to the extent possible.

Report Title: Finding the Next Job: Reemployment Strategies in Retention and Advancement Programs for Current and Former Welfare Recipients
Agency Sponsor: ACF-OPRE, Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation
Federal Contact: Michael Dubinsky, 202-401-3442
Performer: MDRC
Record ID: 9819 (Report completed June 15, 2010)

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