Performance Improvement 2011-2012. How Many and What Kind of Individuals Receive Services in Specialty Mental Health Organizations?



The purpose of the Client/Patient Sample Survey was to provide national estimates on the number and demographic, clinical, and service use characteristics of persons who receive services in specialty mental health organizations throughout the U.S. The survey is conducted approximately every 10 years. In the current survey, a nationally representative sample of mental health organizations/programs was selected for participation.

In the United States, an estimated 2.0  million persons were inpatient admissions and 3.3 million were outpatient admissions to specialty mental health organizations. Among inpatient admissions, 86% were adults ages 18 and older; 70% were non-Hispanic or Latino White; 19% non-Hispanic or Latino Black; and 9% Hispanic or Latino. Among outpatient admissions, 71% were adults ages 18 and older; 70% were non-Hispanic or Latino White; 17% non-Hispanic or Latino Black; and 10% Hispanic or Latino. Almost twice as many children under age 18 were admitted to outpatient care (29%) than admitted to inpatient care (14%).

Report Title: Mental Health, United States, 2004 (Chapter 20); DHHS Pub. No. SMA-06-4195,
Agency Sponsor: SAMHSA, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Federal Contact: Laura Milazzo-Sayre, 240-276-1764
Performer: Westat, Inc.
Record ID: 8735 (Report issued December 1, 2010)

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