Performance Improvement 2011-2012. How Do States, Territories, and Tribes Use the Healthy People 2020 Framework to Develop Strategic Plans for Improving Their Population's Health?


This project evaluated the effectiveness of the Healthy People 2020 framework in guiding the development of State, Territorial, and Tribal health improvement action plans and their corresponding policies and programs. The project results will inform the Department's strategies for implementing Healthy People 2020 over the coming decade. Each project did an evaluation which was consolidated into a final evaluation report. The 14 projects included two to tribal health entities and one to a territory. Most addressed health disparities, social determinants of health, data infrastructure, and/or emergency preparedness as a part of their efforts relating to the Healthy People 2020 framework. Awardees cited new partnerships, training, data reports, and most importantly, stakeholder input among the most important outcomes of the project.

Overall, states, tribes and territories were able to develop and implement successful projects addressing Healthy People 2020 using only the framework as guidance. They noted that the most resource-intensive as well as the most meaningful activities were building partnerships, and planning, as well as collecting, managing, and reporting data. Emphasizing the need for measurable goals and objectives—particularly for social determinants of health, awardees recommended that the Healthy People 2020 objectives include performance indicators as well as standardized reporting methodologies to enable entities to measure and report on progress. They also recommended development of a mechanism whereby states, territories, and tribes can share best practices and lessons learned. Awardees expressed their interest in continuing to participate in similar future activities with the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Some recommended that Healthy People 2020 establish an evaluation workgroup.

Report Title: Achieving a Healthier Nation Through State Action
Agency Sponsor: OASH, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health
Federal Contact: Carter Blakey, 240-453-8254
Performer: John Snow, Inc.
Record ID: 9288 (Report issued September 21, 2010)

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