Performance Improvement 2011-2012. How Do Evaluation Support Activities Complement the National Cancer Institute's Program Evaluation Efforts?


The National Cancer Institute (NCI) hired contractors to perform various evaluation support activities to meet the evaluation needs of the NCI division offices and centers. The Institute has a diverse research portfolio ranging from programs that focus on basic science to community-based cancer prevention and care delivery. Therefore, the evaluation goals and methodologies that were adopted for the evaluation activities differed widely across the Institute. Evaluation activities performed by the contractors included resource development, capacity building, evaluation training and related workshops, consultation, and technical assistance and support.

These support activities led to several completed and in-progress evaluation studies throughout the Institute, including the Analysis of NCI Translation of Research, which analyzed the link between Institute projects and drug patents; the Pancreatic Cancer Progress Report, which evaluated the range and extent of research and training programs in pancreatic cancer; and the Role in Milestones in Cancer Research, which assessed the Institute's “return on investment” by examining the link between Institute-supported research and recognized milestones in cancer research.

Report Title: List of Products and Accomplishments for Contractor Support for Multiple NCI Activities Related To Program Evaluations

Agency Sponsor: NIH, National Institutes of Health
Federal Contact: Rosanna Ng, 301-496-5367
Performer: NOVA Research Company
Record ID: 9423 (Report issued May 31, 2011)

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