Performance Improvement 2011-2012. Does the Tool to Create Online Interactive Training on the CancerSPACE Website Meet the Needs of Its Users?


The Cancer Institute's CancerSPACE (Simulating Practice And Collaborative Education) website contains e-learning tools for healthcare providers in community health centers, and aims to increase cancer screening rates for underserved and minority populations that bear a disproportional share of the cancer burden. The primary goal of the website is to provide an on-line, engaging, realistic collaborative learning environment that is accessible to trainers and clinical staff.

Participants liked the concept of the authoring tool that allows trainers to develop customized simulations. In particular, they liked that it was interactive. However, when participants created vignettes and stories, they did not quite understand how the vignettes and stories fit together into "playlists" of individual training modules or of related training materials. Additionally, participants found the screen layout and labeling difficult to understand. In particular, the labels used throughout the site to refer to the training tool ("Game") and the authoring tool ("Author") did not make sense to the participants. Based on these results, the evaluators concluded that the authoring tool does not meet the needs of its intended audience. The authoring tool needed more flexibility, better labeling, an improved workflow, and possibly, additional features to improve its usefulness and usability.

Report Title: Innovation for Health Usability Study Findings: A Study to Determine the Suitability and Usability of a Tool to Create Online Interactive Training
Agency Sponsor: NIH, National Institutes of Health
Federal Contact: Rosanna Ng, 301-496-5367
Performer: User Centered Design
Record ID: 9793 (Report issued October 15, 2010)

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