Performance Improvement 2011-2012. Dissemination of Evaluation Reports


Easy public access to searchable and retrievable information regarding both new and completed evaluations is essential. Project officers and evaluation managers work to spread knowledge obtained from studies conducted. As one component of the Department's efforts to assure wide spread dissemination of the evaluation work ongoing and completed, HHS recently upgraded the ease with which studies can be identified and obtained. The Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation took particular interest in assuring that the HHS Evaluation Database was complete and up to date. In addition to assuring that all studies are entered into the Database, agencies of the Department are instructed to post all their evaluations online. The HHS Evaluation Database, found at, offers users an opportunity to search – by key word, selected program, or policy topics – the departmental evaluation report database and electronic report library.

The results of HHS evaluations are also disseminated on agency and office websites through targeted distribution of printed reports and research briefs, as well as presentations at professional meetings and conferences. HHS researchers also participate in the broader research community by contributing articles in specialist publications and refereed journals.

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