Performance Improvement 2011-2012. Did Mental Health HIV Services Collaboration Grants Improve Community-based Treatment for Underserved Individuals?


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provided funds in 2006 for grants to enhance and expand the provision of effective, culturally competent HIV/AIDS-related mental health services in minority communities for persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and having a mental health need. Five-year grants were awarded in FY 2006 to applicants with demonstrated experience providing culturally competent mental health services in their respective communities.

The sixteen grantees assessed 4,569 individuals during the four and one-half year period included in the analysis, primarily from minority communities, and living with HIV/AIDS. Program clients experienced significantly improved mental and physical health as indicated by a decline in depression symptoms and increased mental and physical well-being. Decreases in detectable viral load and increases in CD-4 levels were reported by clients. Clients presented with a wide range of mental health disorders; the most prevalent were depressive disorders, substance-related disorders, and anxiety disorders. Grantees were able to implement expanded or enhanced HIV mental health services in a culturally acceptable manner. The majority of the clients served by the grantees were unemployed and one third was disabled. Moreover, 45 percent of clients were living in unstable housing situations. To accommodate complex and diverse needs, clients were served in a wide variety of service settings with site-specific clinical models that emphasized meeting the clients where they were located. Although grantees were asked to focus on sustainability planning early on in the project period, not all grantees will be able to sustain some or the entire set of project services without additional outside funding. 

Report Title: Evaluation of the CMHS Mental Health HIV Services Collaborative (MHHSC) Program
Agency Sponsor: SAMHSA, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Federal Contact: Ilze Ruditis, 240-276-1777
Performer: James Bell Associates, Inc.
Record ID: 8722 (Report issued December 1, 2010)

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