Performance Improvement 2011-2012. Is Complete Citizenship Information Available to Support Evaluations of the Pathway to Independence Award Program?


The National Institutes of Health's Pathway to Independence Award Program was intended to foster the careers of recently trained investigators, and allow them to receive mentoring and independent research support from a single award. Unlike other NIH career development award programs, this award program is open to non-citizens as well as citizens.

Citizenship information needed for the program evaluation was reviewed and found to be lacking for more than 30% of applicants. The study examined the application records of about 600 applicants for whom citizenship status was missing. By reviewing application forms, and contacting applicants, their mentors, and sponsoring institutions, evaluators located their citizenship information and loaded it into NIH's administrative database. Information on the citizenship of these early program participants, once complete, was made available for future evaluations of the program. An electronic application form was introduced that included automatic edit checks to ensure that citizenship information is captured for all future applicants.

Report Title: K99 Applicants and Awardees, FYs 2007-2009
Agency Sponsor: NIH, National Institutes of Health
Federal Contact: Rosanna Ng, 301-496-5367
Performer: Ripple Effect Communications
Record ID: 9383 (Report issued March 31, 2010)

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