Performance Improvement 2011-2012. Are There Improved Health Outcomes And Cost Savings For Hypertension In Federally Qualified Health Centers That Implement The Chronic Care Model?


This study determined whether the Chronic Care Model (CCM), which offers enhanced patient care, is an effective strategy to improve blood pressure and lipid (cholesterol) levels. The study also assessed CCM cost-effectiveness.

Hypertension and cholesterol control improved among patients when compared to usual care. The costs that most healthcare providers would need are about $500 per-person per-year to implement similar enhanced care programs to a large population. Clinics were also found to be cost-effective. A cost-tool was produced that can be used by state health departments working with Medicaid and Medicare data, and with healthcare provider plans. The tool is being pilot tested in partnership with state health departments who will make it available to health plans and other users who want to determine cost-effectiveness of interventions they are conducting.

Federal Contact: Nell Brownstein 770-488-2570
Performer: RTI International
Record ID: 9220 (Report issued April 1, 2010)

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