Performance Improvement 2010. Study Teenagers' Attitudes and Experiences with Romantic Relationships and Marriage


In another ASPE-funded study, Mathematica Policy Research used data from four national surveys to examine the experiences and attitudes of teenagers to gain a better understanding of factors influencing their views of marriage and their relationship choices in adulthood.  Most teens have positive views of marriage and most expect to marry some day.  A growing proportion of teens indicate that they approve of cohabitation before marriage and would prefer to marry later in life.  Relatively few young adults in their 20s are married and cohabitation is more common than marriage for this age group. (9330)

Another study carried out by Mathematica funded by ACF provided clear evidence of a positive effect of employment and earnings on the likelihood of marriage for women.  The most prominent finding of a Job Corps-related study was that an increase in employment and earnings via the program increased the likelihood of marriage for young women with economically disadvantaged backgrounds.  The same was not the case for young men in the program.  The study methods underscored the importance of addressing potential selection bias in estimating the effects of employment and earnings on likelihood of marriage. (9152

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