Performance Improvement 2010. Improve Health Information Dissemination


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) maintains a variety of major informational resources serving a variety of publics.  NIH conducted several studies seeking to learn how to manage, make user friendly, and improve the utility and efficiency of these systems:

  • NIH commissioned a needs assessment of its existing information governance model and framework.  Information governance is the coordinated, transparent, and systematic interaction of stakeholders across NIH to make information-related decisions that better enable achieving goals.  Stakeholders noted a lack of transparency, collaboration, issue support, and willingness to alter established processes.  These findings supported a need for a more coherent and structured information governance model.  NIH is continuing development of the model. (9187)
  • A study of the National Library of Medicine's "Profiles in Science" website identified strengths and weaknesses.  The Library digitizes manuscripts of leading innovators in science, medicine and public health, and makes them accessible through this website.  The study revealed the need to improve the website's Search function, modernize the website's visual display, add more content, and clearly define the mission and audience.  (9175)
  • A study of how to best organize the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences intranet website to make it useful for staff identified the most frequently used web pages, as well as the web pages most likely to frustrate users.  The latter were those not maintained or kept up-to-date.  Pages identified as no longer useful or duplicative were recommended for deletion. (9183)
  • The National Library of Medicine ACCESS Project, intended to increase Library website usage by student, faculty, and nearby communities of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, received advice on how to prepare an evaluation and interview guides. (9184)
  • A study of how the National Library of Medicine's assistance has impacted the development of regional "Go Local" sites (a program developed to link research on Medline Plus to local medical services) found that the guidelines provided by NLM accurately described the key factors that should be considered when planning a Go Local project.  The study indicated that more emphasis should be placed on reducing project coordinator turnover and on developing a more formal orientation plan for new project coordinators.  Based on the study findings, NLM implemented many improvements to the workflow and efficiency of the Go Local management system.  (9190)
  • The National Library of Medicine evaluated how to improve the user interface of health information on its Asian American Health information portal to determine the best way to organize the materials to increase the effectiveness of the website and to improve the functionality and user-friendliness of the navigation.  The study highlighted the need for health information sites geared toward special populations and their healthcare providers.  Recommended changes included developing a set of menus for the portal to serve as a new user interface, and a process for the Library to tag new incoming content and expand the faceted menu structure as needed.  (9194)
  • A needs assessment in support of the National Library of Medicine's Specialized Information Service's effort to develop environmental health education resources for United States middle schools found that while teachers were interested in environmental health studies and students were excited about learning, the time and resources were lacking for including it in the school curriculum.  Researchers recommended introducing the services in other non-scientific areas and linking environmental health issues to other existing topics. (9191)
  • A customer survey of the impact of a redesigned National Institutes of Health website indicated that customer satisfaction increased.  The Web team is continuing to make revisions based on respondents' feedback and to monitor satisfaction with the website. (9176

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