Performance Improvement 2010. Assure Public Management, Public Trust of Research


A study evaluated whether the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, Biomedical Technology Resource Center Program, had been achieving its performance goals.  The Centers support novel, cutting-edge, multidisciplinary technology research and development, targeting a range of biomedical applications.  The Centers generally met all of the program goals.  However, the relatively small budget means that few new centers could be funded unless there is a mechanism to sunset longstanding Centers in which the technology has already achieved mature status.  A new 15 year grant limit policy was formulated to establish active management of the program technology portfolio. (9188)

An expert panel was engaged to discuss and identify ways the medical and research community can ensure public trust and mitigate conflict of interest in medical research.  The panel recommended disclosing financial relationships; developing conflict of interest policies with physician, researcher, and medical institution participation; promoting policies by accreditation groups and health insurers; and using research on conflict of interest to provide a stronger evidence base for policies.  (9189)

To enhance its overall reporting capabilities, NIH undertook a systematic review of its reporting and analysis procedures, methods, presentation/visualization design, and technology/tools.  The study helped the NIH develop system requirements for the initial development of a website to provide stakeholders with reports, data, and analyses related to NIH programs.  The study also recommended gathering additional feedback on the website for future improvements.  (9185

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