Performance Improvement 2009. Will Physicians With Small Practices Adopt Electronic Health Records?


The study developed and evaluated a way to accurately predict adoption rates of electronic health records (EHR) in physicians’ small practices (less than ten physicians). This study included an extensive literature review, development of a preliminary economic framework and a roadmap for EHR implementation in physicians’ small practice settings. A microeconomic framework was drafted incorporating EHR adoption factors (barriers and incentives). The model was further developed using Bayesian network learning and incorporated third-party surveys with heterogeneous datasets into the model for conducting ‘what-if’ scenarios to better understand the factors influencing adoption.

Single factor or overly simplified initiatives are likely to have unintended results for facilitating EHR adoption. The model’s relevance or ‘half-life’ is considered to be two-three years.

Report Title: Economic Analysis of Health Information Technology in the Ambulatory Setting; Report may be obtained from Federal Contact

Agency Sponsor: ASPE-OSDP, Office of Science and Data Policy
Federal Contact: Suzie Burke-Bebee, 202-401-8266
Performer: MDM Strategies, Inc.;
PIC ID: 9070

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