Performance Improvement 2009. What Protocols and Tools Can Stakeholders Use to Assess the Impact of Funded Efforts to Address Racial/Ethnic Minority Health Needs?


This project developed a protocol for evaluating efforts funded by States and other stakeholders aimed at improving racial/ethnic minority health and reducing racial/ethnic health disparities, and a plan for identifying "best practices" based on evaluation of the effectiveness of these efforts. The intent was to ensure systematic development and implementation of evaluation plans relative to these OMH-funded efforts to assess whether the initiatives made a difference, and whether new/revised strategies and systems approaches to health disparities contributed to that difference.

A logic model approach was used to develop a tool entitled A Strategic Framework for Improving Racial/Ethnic Minority Health and Eliminating Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities. Then, a preliminary set of performance measures for outcomes and impacts identified in the Strategic Framework was developed. Lastly, an evaluation protocol for systematically evaluating efforts to improve racial and ethnic minority health, reduce health disparities, and effect systems approaches (the evaluation protocol) was developed to assess the nature and extent of the outcomes and impacts being achieved by efforts being funded by the Office of Public Health and Science, its grantees and partners, and other stakeholders. Use of these three tools to inform funding and other policy-relevant decisions in a more coordinated way will promote the effectiveness, efficiency, and impact of individual and collective efforts aimed at improving the health of racial/ethnic minorities and the Nation overall.

Report Title: Development of an Evaluation Protocol for Assessing the Impacts of OMH-funded Initiatives; Report may be obtained from Federal Contact
Agency Sponsor: OPHS, Office of Public Health and Science
Federal Contact: Valerie Welsh, 240-453-8222
Performer: Development Services Group, Inc.
PIC ID: 8234

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