Performance Improvement 2009. What Knowledge Do Consumers Need in the New Genome-Based Health Care Market?


This preliminary exploration explored what information citizens need to become effective consumers of new genome-based “ products.” The Personalized Health Care Initiative sponsored a workshop in order to provide a forum for stakeholders to discuss alternatives for helping consumers make use of new health information from genetics based systems. Three expert panels met to discuss consumer interest topics. One panel concluded that interest in genetic testing may primarily come about through the individual need and curiosity of the consumer. Another discussed the types of genetic testing information currently provided to consumers, and interaction between consumers and health professionals. The third panel discussed information consumers may need in a new health care system involving these types of tests.

Report Title: Personalized Health Care Initiative Workshop: ‘Understanding the Needs of Consumers in the Use of Genome-based Health Information Services’
Agency Sponsor: ASPE-OSDP, Office of Science and Data Policy
Federal Contact: Gregory Downing, 202-260-1911
Performer: Gregory Downing
PIC ID: 9073

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