Performance Improvement 2009. What Health Information Technology and Electronic Health Records Functions Do Nursing Homes and Home Health Agencies Use?


This study explored the use of and need for health information technology applications in nursing homes and home health agencies. Through a literature review and stakeholder discussions the authors identified the types of Health Information Technology and Electronic Health Record applications and functions (electronic point-of-care and information exchange) currently used in nursing homes or home health agencies that go beyond the federally-mandated Output and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) and Minimum Data Set (MDS) reporting and claims submission requirements. Nursing home and home health agency providers and vendors provided feedback regarding which health information technology and electronic health record applications they were using.

The stakeholders largely agreed with the description of functions and organization of the taxonomy. Four of the five responding nursing home providers and all five responding home health agency providers indicated that they used automated systems for most of the functions listed under the administration domain. Four of the five nursing facilities reported` some automated quality management tools. Four of the five home health agencies were able to order patient supplies electronically from the field.


Federal Contact: Jennie Harvell, 202-690-6443
Performer: University of Colorado, Health Sciences Center
PIC ID: 8895, 8896, 8897

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