Performance Improvement 2009. What Global Health Research and Training Needs Exist?


This study assessed global health research needs of the National Institute of Health (NIH); likewise, it assessed the health research capacity-building needs of developing countries. The study examined programs that addressed global health research and identified gaps between needs and activities. Fogarty International Center addresses global health challenges through collaborative research and training programs, and international partnerships. This study was conducted to re-align the Fogarty’s portfolio of extramural research and training programs with the global health research and training agenda. A data-rich portfolio analysis and environmental scan with the resulting gap analysis of global health research formed the basis of the study.

In response to the study, Fogarty will emphasize chronic disease research, implementation science, and research training for U.S. and developing country researchers. Fogarty staff used the analysis and data collected to enhance their own understanding of research and training opportunities, needs, and potential partnerships and synergies within and across programs.

Report Title: Needs Assessment for the Fogarty International Center; Report may be obtained from Federal Contact
Agency Sponsor: NIH, National Institutes of Health
Federal Contact: Linda Kupfer, 301.496.3288
Performer: Science and Technology Policy Institute
PIC ID: 9042

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