Performance Improvement 2009. What Factors Do State and Local Officials Consider When Contracting for Child Welfare Services?


This study examined the decisions regarding child welfare privatization that must be made in cooperation with the provider community. Child welfare privatization (initiation and renewal) is accomplished through contractual agreements between local or state public agencies and private providers. An overarching theme of the study were these partnership arrangements.

When public agencies contract for services, they seek one or more partners to share the risks, rewards, and responsibilities of delivering services to children and families in the child welfare system. To the extent allowed by state procurement rules, a collaborative public-private planning process can ensure that consensus is reached on the broad goals and expectations of the procurement, paving the way for explicit, fairly negotiated, enforceable and outcome-based contracts.

Report Title: Preparing Effective Contracts in Privatized Child Welfare Systems
Agency Sponsor: ASPE-OHSP, Office of Human Services Policy
Federal Contact: Laura Radel, 202-690-5938
Performer: Planning and Learning Technologies, Inc
PIC ID: 8509.3

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