Performance Improvement 2009. What Do We Know About Promoting Asset Development?


Poor Finances is a series of examinations of various aspects of poverty, asset building, and social policy focusing on asset accumulation and asset-based policies for low-income individuals and families. One inquiry determined the effects of varying asset limits across state TANF programs, treatment of different types of assets, and state efforts to encourage asset accumulation among TANF recipients. Another identified data sets that were the most reliable and informative sources for understanding low-income households' assets and liabilities. A third synthesized current research and other information on the assets and liabilities of low-income households. A fourth provided a policy-oriented conceptual framework that has the potential to explain saving and asset accumulation across the entire population and to account for the low levels of saving and asset accumulation in the low-income population.

Report Title: Determinants of Asset Building
Agency Sponsor: ASPE-OHSP, Office of Human Services Policy
Federal Contact: Linda Mellgren, 202-690-6806
Performer: Urban Institute
PIC ID: 8888.3

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