Performance Improvement 2009. What Do We Know About Child Welfare Privatization Initiatives?


This analysis described choices faced by agencies as they design child welfare privatization initiatives. It illustrated how various initiatives have defined their target populations and program scope, as well as how they have structured payments and distributed financial risk. Conclusions focused on how each program and fiscal design element must be considered in conjunction with others.

Privatization is first and foremost a systemic reform, which has implications for and requirements of multiple features of a social services system. Partnerships between public and private agencies require ongoing collaboration, information exchange and adjustments as reforms mature and system goals evolve.

Report Title: Program and Fiscal Design Elements of Child Welfare Privatization Initiatives
Agency Sponsor: ASPE-OHSP, Office of Human Services Policy
Federal Contact: Laura Radel, 202-690-5938
Performer: Planning and Learning Technologies, Inc.
PIC ID: 8509.1

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