Performance Improvement 2009. How Well Has the Older Americans Act Been Implemented?


This study assessed the Older Americans Act’s supportive service (Title III-B) program and its role in planning, coordinating, and providing community service for older people. The Older Americans Act (OAA) was established in 1965 to help provide older Americans with the resources they need to live independently in the community for as long as possible. The OAA works through the Aging Network, the system of state agencies, called State Units on Aging (SUAs), area agencies of aging (AAAs), and local community service providers that plan, coordinate and deliver services. The project evaluated the Aging Network’s involvement with key services: case management, information and assistance, personal care, chore services, homemaker services, transportation, and assisted transportation services.

Researchers concluded that the Title III-B program was a key part of the Older Americans Act and it was performing as intended; assisting vulnerable older adults to remain independent and active in their communities. The percent of program participants that were at high risk of institutionalization increased. People who received home care services were older (aged 75+), lived alone, and had three or more Activities of Daily Living (ADL) impairments. Users of transportation services relied heavily on these services, with over half reporting that the service was used for at least 75% of their trips. Most of these participants lived alone and were at least 75 years old. In addition to reaching the program’s target population, participants were highly satisfied. For example, over 80% of survey respondents rated home care services as positive. Finally, Title III-B program funds were highly leveraged. Depending on the service, the study found that for every $1 of Title III-B funding, local programs leveraged $2 to $6 from other sources.

Report Title: Final Report for the Evaluation of Select Consumer, Program, and System Characteristics under the Supportive Services Program (Title III-B) of the Older Americans Act
Agency Sponsor: AOA, Administration on Aging
Federal Contact: Jennifer Klocinski, 202-357-0146
Performer: Research Triangle Institute
PIC ID: 8883

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