Performance Improvement 2009. How Well Do Health Care Delivery Systems Exchange Health Information?


The study examined how well health care delivery systems that use health information technology (HIT) exchange health information on behalf of patients who also received services from post-acute and long-term care (PAC/LTC) providers that also used HIT and were either “ affiliated” or “ unaffiliated” with these health delivery systems. The study (1) described the use of health information technology in state-of-the-art health delivery systems and how health information was or was not exchanged with unaffiliated post-acute and long-term care (PAC/LTC) providers, physician offices, laboratories, pharmacies, and hospitals; (2) identified the factors that supported or deterred timely exchange of health information with unaffiliated PAC/LTC providers and other parts of the health care delivery continuum that use HIT; and (3) identified ways to encourage information exchange between health delivery systems that used HIT with unaffiliated PAC/LTC providers and use of HIT in PAC/LTC.

Report Title: Health Information Exchange in Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Case Study Findings: Final Report
Agency Sponsor: ASPE-ODALTCP, Office of Disability, Aging, and Long-Term Care Policy
Federal Contact: Jennie Harvell, 202-690-6443
Performer: University of Colorado, Health Sciences Center
PIC ID: 8899

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