Performance Improvement 2009. How Have Medicare Savings Account Plans Grown?


The study examined early patterns of enrollment and early stage development of Medicare Savings Account (MSA) plans.

Organizations offering an MSA product had positive experiences. Plans reported several challenges but were generally able to work around issues. Organizations offering an MSA plan believed doing so would make their companies full service organizations and 'one-stop shops' for Medicare Advantage products. Health plans that didn’t offer a savings account indicated that their potential customers were not prepared for consumer directed health plans or the area was couldn’t support multiple health plan options. From the member perspective, the most common issue included the timeframe when the member would receive the deposit to their account and be able to use their debit card. Two plans addressed this issue by funding the member account before receiving the deposit from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. From the plan's perspective, the most significant issues were developing MSA-specific marketing materials, setting up the accounts, recovering funds from disenrollees, and prorating the plan deductible.

Report Title: Evaluation of MSA Plans Under the Medicare Program Case Study Report; Report may be obtained from Federal Contact
Agency Sponsor: CMS-ORDI, Office of Research, Development, and Information
Federal Contact: Melissa Montgomery, 410-786-7596
Performer: L&M Policy Research, Inc
PIC ID: 9011

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