Performance Improvement 2009. How Has Abstinence Education Research and Education Been Promoted?


Researchers assessed how to promote abstinence research and evaluation.

Investigators determined that a website could offer training and resources in program evaluation and one was created to encourage use of quality evaluations using widely-accepted scientific practices for sampling, measurement, design, analysis, and interpretation of findings. The website features training modules describing the major stages involved in conducting abstinence education program evaluation, including planning, designing, and implementing an evaluation, as well as analyzing data, interpreting findings and reporting findings to stakeholders. The website includes videotaped clips of consultations between evaluators and practitioners, and video and audio taped interviews with various experts, and evaluation planning exercises.

Report Title: Center for Research and Evaluation on Abstinence Education

Agency Sponsor: ASPE-OHSP, Office of Human Services Policy
Federal Contact: Lisa Trivits, 202-205-5750
Performer: The Lewin Group
PIC ID: 9013

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