Performance Improvement 2009. How Evaluate Internet Based Health Services Research Information?


A web portal, Information Central (providing health services research information) was evaluated qualitatively. This new web portal is operated by the National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR). NICHSR coordinates the development and management of information resources and services at the National Library of Medicine in the fields of health services research and public health. In 2005, NICHSR launched the Health Services Research (HSR) Information Central Web Portal, designed to centralize access to health services research information. Of especial interest, were determining the usefulness of the portal’s content, and the usability of the web for the target users.

Online focus groups agreed that the information within the site was valuable but that accessing it was challenging. Its main strengths were the portal’s depth and breadth of content, and its ‘one-stop’ nature. Participants recommended several improvements: restructure and reorganize the site to make finding information easier and navigating the site clearer, use clarifying labels and terminology that provide brief clear explanations of the information in each category.

Report Title: Qualitative Research Study on HSR Information Central; Report may be obtained from Federal Contact
Agency Sponsor: NIH, National Institutes of Health
Federal Contact: Deshiree Belis, 301-496-5860
Performer: Solomon Solutions
PIC ID: 9046

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