Performance Improvement 2009. How Can Family Health Data Be Compiled Efficiently and Practically?


Researchers reviewed efforts of the American Health Information Community’s (AHIC’s) Multi-Stakeholder Workgroup. The Workgroup created the core data set for information on family health history, and worked on how to transfer such information into electronic formats for use in making health care decisions. Researchers examined electronic tools for recording family health information and noted that the current widely used tools do not provide a mechanism to transfer this data into systems used in clinical settings.

The reviewers reached the conclusion that the main goal of this project would be achieved if health data could be made accessible to all health care officials involved in continuous care for a patient, even as the patient moves between different medical facilities. This would require an electronic format which allows the user to collect, represent and interpret structured data on patient health which might aid in health care decisions. This core data set is a step towards that goal.

Report Title: Perspectives on Informatics: New Standards and Enhanced Utility for Family Health History Information in the Electronic Health Record
Agency Sponsor: ASPE-OSDP, Office of Science and Data Policy
Federal Contact: Gregory Downing, 202-260-1911
Performer: American Medical Informatics Association
PIC ID: 9068

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