Performance Improvement 2009. Do Internet Web Sites Sponsored by Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans Comply with Federal Regulations?


This study examined Medicare Part D prescription drug plan (PDP) sponsors’ Internet Web sites compliance with Federal regulations regarding content and accessibility. Web sites were examined of all 84 sponsors offering drug plans within the 50 States and the District of Columbia in 2007. Federal regulations require that all sponsors have Web sites that include content about receipt and use of Medicare benefits.

Thirty-three percent of the PDP sponsor Web sites did not contain all federally required content. The most commonly omitted information pertained to enrollee disenrollment rights and responsibilities, the potential for PDP contract termination, and formulary information. Reviewers found that 85 percent of sponsor Web sites did not meet at least one of the Federal requirements for Web site accessibility. These problems could affect access to content by Medicare beneficiaries.

Report Title: Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan Sponsor Internet Web Sites" Content and Accessibility
Agency Sponsor: OS-OIG, Office of Inspector General
Federal Contact: Erin Lemire, 202-205-9523
Performer: Staff; Office of Inspector General
PIC ID: 8998

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