Performance Improvement 2008. What Native American Health and Well-being Data are Missing; How Can They Be Obtained?


Researchers for the "Data on Health and Well-being of American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Other Native Americans" project, identified gaps in data on health and well-being of American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Americans (AI/AN/NA). Researchers identified strategies for improving data availability and quality and some current initiatives underway within HHS and other Federal agencies that are intended to improve these data. Findings were drawn from a review of the literature, analysis of detailed profiles of 67 data sources included in another project deliverable ("Data Catalog on AI/AN//NA Health and Well-being"), and interviews with data experts.

There were some data available on health and well-being of the combined AI/AN –population and the combined Native Hawaiian (NH)/Pacific Islander (PI) population for all of the health and well-being policy areas that were the focus of this study. There are fewer data available, however, when the data sets examined were restricted to those that had sample sizes of at least 200. Data to examine measures of health and well-being for the separate AI, AN, NH and PI groups were less available than for the AI/AN combined and NH/PI combined groups. A substantial number of initiatives either underway or planned will help fill these gaps, but cannot fill them completely. Coordination and sharing of results to improve databases across Federal agencies and States could help further reduce data gaps.

Report Title: Gaps and Strategies for Improving AI/AN/NA Data,
Agency Sponsor:
ASPE-OHSP, Office of Human Services Policy
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Alana Landey, 202-401-6636; Peggy Halpern 202-260-0285
Westat, Inc.
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