Performance Improvement 2008. Should an Outcome Evaluation of the Small Animal Imaging Resource Program Be Conducted?


This feasibility study developed an evaluation design and identified methods for evaluating the effectiveness of Small Animal Imaging Research Programs (SAIRPs). The grantee annual progress reports were giving snapshots of the activities, but mostly presented their results in terms of numbers of papers published and grants funded. Researchers identified publications: 105 were review articles, comments, or reports from congresses/meetings. Of the 689 journal articles reported, 450 were SAIRP publications, of which 336 (75 percent) were SAIRP-only; 370 publications were identified by National Library of Medicine MEDLINE searches, while an additional 80 publications were identified solely from the records provided by the program officer.

Publication productivity was shown to be stabilized around approximately 100 publications per year though publication rates might vary by institution. SAIRP publications appeared in five of the ten high-impact journals. Researchers recommended a cross-sectional approach to an outcome evaluation design as the most likely to demonstrate effects of the SAIR program with least risk of failure.

Report Title: Feasibility Study for an Evaluation of the Small Animal Imaging Research Program. Report may be obtained from Federal Contact
Agency Sponsor:
NIH, National Institutes of Health
Federal Contact:
Barbara Y. Croft, Ph.D., 301-435-9025
STPI/IDA, Science and Technology Policy Institute, Institute for Defense Analysis

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