Performance Improvement 2008. How Should Healthy People National Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Objectives for 2020 be Developed?


This study assessed the process for developing Healthy People 2010 disease prevention and health promotion objectives and recommendations. Healthy People 2010 is the third generation of objectives for the Nation; it comprises a comprehensive set of ten-year objectives, based on science. This population-based approach to disease prevention and health promotion reflects the link between individual and community health. Experts analyzed current processes for developing national objectives and recommended how to frame and manage future objectives. The public provided comments on the recommendations. Examined were how current national objectives fit with other goal-setting and objective-measurement efforts and how to improve the fit.

For Healthy People 2020, researchers recommended changes: reduce the number of topic areas and objectives; organize objectives by health risks/determinants, not disease; focus on the public health community as the target audience; and articulate a clear vision for each initiative. Information and recommendation from the study supports discussions of the Federal Interagency Workgroup and the Secretary's Advisory Committee on National Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Objectives for 2020.

Report Title: Assessment of the Healthy People Objective-setting Framework and Process. Report may be obtained from Federal Contact
Agency Sponsor:
OPHS, Office of Public Health and Science
Federal Contact: Carter Blakey, 240-453-8254
Performer: National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago
PIC ID: 8805

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