Performance Improvement 2008. How Have Communities Been Made Aware of and How Did They Decide to Implement the Protocol for Assessing Community Excellence in Environmental Health?


The study examined how communities learned about and decided whether to use a Protocol for Assessing Community Excellence in Environmental Health. The Protocol was designed to engage the community in environmental health planning and assessment activities.

Adoption decision influences included: organizational capacity, health services offered, existing partnerships, and the presence of an in-house "champion." Prior experience with other strategic assessment protocols did not predict whether agencies would decide to implement the Protocol. The majority of implementers were large county health departments with a relatively large number of staff, as well as higher numbers of staff focused on environmental health issues. Non-implementers tended to be agencies which served a smaller population and had fewer employees. Implementers had a lower percentage of their operating budget coming from local general funds or fee-for-service arrangements and more from State or Federal funds. Implementers more frequently reported that their agencies provided a wider range of environmental health services, were more likely to agree that they had adequate staff and money available, and that they had community partners who could contribute resources. Implementers were also more likely than the non-implementing group to agree that the Protocol was supported by their agency´s leadership and fit with the agency´s priorities and business style.

Report Title: Process Evaluation of the Protocol for Assessing Community Excellence in Environmental Health (PACE EH),
Agency Sponsor:
CDC, Centers for Disease Control
Federal Contact: Julie Zajac, 404-498-4381
Performer: Battelle Memorial Institute

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