Performance Improvement 2008. How Do Pharmacists Perceive Food and Drug Administration's Communication Regarding Emerging Drug Risks?


Participants were asked to share their attitudes, beliefs, feelings, and experiences regarding drug product emerging risks. They were asked to share their thoughts and opinions about: how they learned about the risks of the drug products they used; their primary and preferred information sources for this information; the Food and Drug Administration´s (FDA´s) role as a source of information about emerging risks; the impact of emerging risk information on participants, practice and patients; and the usefulness of emerging risk information disseminated by FDA.

In response to its charge to improve public knowledge of emerging drug safety issues, the Drug Safety Board recommended that the Center for Drug Evaluation develop and issue healthcare practitioner and patient information sheets that described the emerging safety issue. FDA conducted four focus groups with a sample of pharmacists who worked in a variety of professional settings, including independent and chain pharmacies, managed care, hospitals, Veterans Administration pharmacies, long-term care facilities, university student health centers, and veterinary clinics.

It would be useful for pharmacists to have a single, credible source they could rely on for timely and accurate information about serious emerging drug risks. Focus group participants suggested that FDA develop and maintain a separate web site dedicated solely to emerging drug risk information, while working with licensing boards and associations to have links on their sites that will lead pharmacists to FDA´s emerging drug risk information site. The focus group findings suggest that FDA needs to engage in targeted outreach through direct and indirect marketing to pharmacists to brand the Agency and its web site as the best source of information on serious emerging drug risks.

Report Title: Findings from Focus Groups Examining Pharmacists? Perceptions of FDA´s Communications Regarding Emerging Drug Risks. Report may be obtained from Federal Contact
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