Performance Improvement 2008. How Can State-Level Health Information Exchanges Advance Interoperability?


This project synthesized field research and provided recommendations for strengthening and expanding health information exchange (HIE), capitalizing on the important contributions of state-level initiatives. Nearly all states have these initiatives which are public-private collaborations that support interoperable health information exchange to reach state-wide goals for quality and cost-effective healthcare. State-level health information exchange organizations have demonstrated that they can effectively engage State governments and provide a mechanism to forge new collaborations for data sharing across regions and among organizations that have traditionally used data for competitive purposes. As a nationwide health information network is established, state-level initiatives are uniquely positioned to play ongoing roles, particularly in fostering state-wide collaboration, multi-stakeholder governance and multi-state coordination.

The project developed a framework for analyzing state-level HIE organizational access, use and control policies. The project provided recommendations on how to advance consistent polices among HIEs to enable data exchange between jurisdictions. The study found that State-level HIEs served as an important way to achieve state policy objectives, such as equitable health information access for underserved populations, and the implementation of intra-state health information exchange. 

Study recommendations included the need for State governments to formally recognize state-level entities and empower them so that these entities can fully accomplish their unique roles. State-level HIEs contribute importantly toward improving the nation´s health care quality, value, and transparency.

Report Title: State-Level Health Information Exchange: Roles in Ensuring Governance and Advancing Interoperability,
Agency Sponsor: OS-ONC, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology
Federal Contact: Kathleen Fyffe, 202-205-0670
Performer: American Health Information Management Association´s Foundation of Research and Education (AHIMA/FORE)
PIC ID: 8593

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