Performance Improvement 2008. How Can State and Territorial Health Departments Reduce Smoking Prevalence?


This study evaluated the sustainability of State tobacco control programs based on both the program´s proven effectiveness and appropriate use of resources. Good evaluation is key to demonstrating program results that lead to improved community health. Selecting the right indicators to measure is key to effective evaluation. To arrive at these indicators, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) engaged a panel of experts in tobacco control practice, evaluation, and research to assess CDC´s indicators with the following criteria: strength of evaluation evidence, utility, validity to policy makers, conformity with accepted practice, uniqueness, overall quality, how essential the indicator was for evaluating State tobacco control programs, and cost to collect and analyze the data.

The experts suggested additional indicators and sources of data. CDC reviewed the experts´ responses, comments, and suggestions and compiled the results into an individual rating across criteria for each indicator. The contractor rated the strength of scientific evidence for each indicator. A Consumer Reports-style guide was prepared for State and territorial health departments providing information on 120 key outcome indicators for evaluation of Statewide comprehensive tobacco prevention and control programs. Detailed information is provided for each indicator, including indicator definition, example data sources and measures, and graphic depictions of expert panel ratings across various criteria, such as overall quality and resource utilization.

Report Title: Key Outcome Indicators for Evaluating Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs
Agency Sponsor:
CDC, Centers for Disease Control
Federal Contact:
Michael Schooley, 770-488-5780

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