Performance Improvement 2008. How Can Information Sharing with FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health Be Improved?


This project sought to improve the Center for Devices and Radiological Health´s internet system, "CenterNet." The project collected data through audience research, discussions with project staff, interviews with employees, a staff-wide survey, and focus group sessions. Researchers developed wireframes (a basic visual guide that suggested the layout and placement of fundamental design elements in the interface design) to serve as a blueprint for revamped information architecture for CenterNet. The wireframes captured recommendations for a new navigational structure, revised content, introduced a common page layout, and incorporated new features and user tools. The project validated the recommendations with a series of user tests. Many of the recommendations from this study will be incorporated into a new FDA-wide Intranet.

Report Title: User Testing and Redesign Implementation Recommendations
Agency Sponsor: FDA, Food and Drug Administration. Report may be obtained from Federal Contact
Federal Contact:
Laurel Mendelson, 240-276-3252
Performer: Forum One Communications

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