Performance Improvement 2008. How Best Present Device and Radiological Health Information Online?


This study determined what content was important to Web site users and how best to group and label this content. Ninety four terms and phrases from FDA´s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) Web site were used. Card sorting is a way to gain insights into what users think about web site content and how they would organize the information on the web site. Eighteen participants including consumers, healthcare professionals, and medical device manufacturing representatives, participated.

Participants had a moderately high level of agreement about the top-level categories. Participants tended to separate the contents into more groups than currently exist on the site. The study identified 16 phrases that caused serious confusion. An additional 40 phrases were partly misunderstood. Participants had difficulty sorting general topics such as Databases, Standards, and Device Advice. Participants identified potential overlap among phrases used for contacting CDRH. While each audience group appeared to find it convenient to use audience-based topic labels to determine what is being told to another audience group, they did not limit themselves to information designed for their own group.

Report Title: Report on the User Card Sort of Content from the CDRH Web Site. Report may be obtained from Federal Contact
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FDA, Food and Drug Administration
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Laurel Mendelson, 240-276-3252
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