Performance Improvement 2008. How Best Measure Success of the Innovative Molecular Analysis Program?


This study examined the feasibility and informed the design of an outcome evaluation for the National Cancer Institute´s Innovative Molecular Analysis Technologies (IMAT) program. IMAT is a trans-NCI program aimed at accelerating technology development efforts to better treat, diagnose, detect, and prevent cancer. The study: (1) reviewed literature and resources; (2) identified questions and key variables; (3) reviewed existing data to provide information on key variables; (4) identified new data collection efforts; (5) prepared clearance packages; (6) developed an outcome evaluation plan; and (7) recommended an evaluation design. The IMAT program had not undergone a formal evaluation. Stakeholders sought to determine evaluation structure, metrics and similar parameters in order to conduct a study of whether the program operated as planned and whether it was achieving its goals.

Conducted over the course of an 8-week performance period, the study concluded that an outcome evaluation of the program was possible. Key variables identified during the course of the study included the changing landscape of biomedical technology development and the program´s evolution. Information collected supported a full outcome evaluation based on tracking the development and impact of technologies developed with program support. This approach would provide an assessment of the program´s overall efficacy in achieving its objectives.

Report Title: Feasibility Study for the Innovative Molecular Analysis Technologies Program Evaluation. Report may be obtained from Federal Contact
Agency Sponsor:
NIH, National Institutes of Health
Federal Contact:
Richard Aragon, Ph.D., 301-435-3858
Performer: ORC Macro / MACRO International
PIC ID: 8754

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